How to cook carrot cake with masquearpone

Carrots are a very useful vegetable that contains a large number of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, carrots are useful for both children and adults. You need to cook dishes from carrots as often as possible, so today we will prepare a delicious carrot cake. In order to prepare an unusually tasty and original carrot cake with a masquearpone, you will need such medium -sized products - five medium -sized carrots; - one glass of brown sugar (200 grams); - 3/4 glasses of vegetable oil (180 ml); - three chicken eggs; - one and a half glasses of wheat flour (210 grams); - One teaspoon of baking powder; - one teaspoon of food soda; - half a teaspoon of ginger of ground; - One teaspoon of cinnamon; - 1/2 cups of crushed walnuts; - slightly crushed nuts for decoration; for preparing a cream: - 225 grams of cheese of masquearpone; - sugar powder to taste; - Lemon juice. Process of preparation of a delicious, healthy and unusual carrot cake with masquearpone1. First heat the oven to 175 degrees. 2. Peel the carrots, then rinse very well under the running water and grate on a shallow grater. 3. Pour vegetable oil into the mixer bowl, add brown sugar and one at a time, whipping well, enter chicken eggs. 4. In a bowl, mix the sifted wheat flour, food soda, baking powder and ginger ground. Mix everything well so that you get a homogeneous dry mix. 5. Add a dry mixture to the bowl and continue to mix. 6. Now add chopped nuts and grated carrots. By the way, we also advise you to prepare a very tasty, delicate and original sour cream jelly with nuts. 7. Put the resulting dough carefully in a round shape and smooth out. 8. Place the form in the preheated oven. 9. Bake the cake for 50-60 minutes until cooked. 10. Check the readiness of the cake using a wooden stick. 11. Cool the finished cake on a lattice. 12. Now you need to prepare the cream. To do this, mix the cheese at room temperature with powder sugar and lemon juice. 13. Cream completely cover the finished and slightly cooled cake. 14. Garnish the finished cake with nuts and let it soak for an hour or two. Marking cake with a masquearpone and nuts is ready to serve. Serve a cake with tea or milk. And appetite pleasant to everyone! Официальный сайт cabura ждет игроков